How to Organize the Pile of Business Cards from Your Last Conference

You’ve attended a conference, made many contacts, and returned with a pile of business cards. Great, but now what? How do you take these business cards in your pocket and organize them so you can follow up?
Sure, you can spend days logging each contact into a spreadsheet, but time is of the essence in connecting after a conference. Is this type of time-consuming work the best way to build your business?

No, and that’s exactly why has a solution that makes solving this dilemma fast, easy, and painless. Just scan the business cards right into your address book with the CardBird app to build your business in three simple steps:

1. Scan into the Business Card App

The CardBird app allows you to scan the business cards you collect into your smart phone or tablet device. It sends the business card information straight into your device’s address book.
Your new contacts show up in all CardBird apps installed on your different devices. No more punching in numbers or waiting days to get business card information into a usable spreadsheet.

CardBird does it instantly. It simplifies business card organization, which can increase your ratio of successful follow-ups.

2. Connect with Your New Contacts

Just having a contact's information won't help your business unless you connect with them. Follow up with an email that includes your business card uploaded as a vcard through Call to say how much you enjoyed speaking with your new contact. Thank them for showing an interest in you and your business, and connect with them on LinkedIn. Get the contact details of people who scanned your business card into CardBird.

Don’t let those piles of business cards clutter up your desk. Organize them the fast and easy way. Scan them into CardBird, and follow up while your memory of the conference is still fresh in your mind.

3. Make a Few Reminder Notes

Jot down a few reminder notes to add into the app. Note who handed you the card, a reminder of your conversation, a unique product feature, or other information.
It’s an easy way to remember something meaningful about your connection with that contact that may come in handy later.